Sunday, March 31, 2013

Once Upon a Time

I love teaching fairy tales!  Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for a happy ending, or that I want to believe in magic, but it is one of my favorite units of the year.
My teammates and I are starting this unit on Monday, but I am so sad that I will miss 2 days of the fun.  Our state tests, STAAR, begin this week, and I have been asked to administer the test to a small group on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I'm happy to help out, but I HATE writing sub plans and I really don't like missing 2 days with my class.  Plus, at my school, the art, music and PE teachers are also helping with the test so I have to plan for the time my kids would normally be in their specials classes. Yuck!

Here are some math games I created with a fairy tale theme.  I will introduce these to the class on Monday so that they will be able to play them while the sub is here.

Click here to download

I've also found something new to try!  I just recently learned about MentorMob through one of my Twitter feeds.  (I am loving Twitter for professional development!)  Yesterday I experimented and put together a fairy tale playlist.  Check it out!  (Edited to add:  It looks like the last link in the playlist won't work unless you have a Tumblebooks account.  Our district has one, and it is a fabulous resource!  Since I posted I recreated the playlist.  This is the final version.)

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. I could not get your freebie to download. Could you send it to me please?

    1. I will do that as soon as I can! It works on my computer so I can't figure out what the problem is. Sorry!

  2. I'm gonna do Fairy Tales next week & didn't have any math stuff. Thanks for sharing your games!! :)

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