Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tried It Tuesday

I'm linking up with Holly at the Fourth Grade Flipper and her new linky, Tried It Tuesday.

I'm going to piggyback onto my post from yesterday about Evernote to share how I used it to make an audio  recording note.

One of my students is who has been identified as dyslexic is really struggling with writing.  He fills up his paper with a lot of writing but then is unable to read it if he comes back to it later (and I usually can't either.)  I hate always marking up his paper, but if I don't, I can't make any sense of it.  I have put sticky notes on his work with the "translation" but they fall off.

So today I recorded him reading his writing to me and then took a picture of his work.  Now both are filed in his notebook in Evernote so when it is time to assess his writing portfolio, I can look beyond the spelling and remember his message.  The kids thought this was pretty cool, so I recorded a couple of others just for fun!
I used my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) to record.  I selected new note and then choose "record audio."  Then I snapped a picture, added a comment and there it was!
This is what it looks like on my phone.

I can't tell you how excited I am about using Evernote this way (and how convinced everyone I know is that I am truly a geek!)  Seriously, it has inspired me to "beef up" my entire writer's workshop.  It hasn't been my favorite thing to teach this year and that has translated into less than stellar work from some of  my students. Maybe this is just the spark I needed to help them become strong writers!



  1. You are the second blog that I have found that has talked about Evernote. I have one writer in my class that really struggles with conventions. It would be great for me to record him reading it to me, as you did with your student. Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower.
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. This is such a great resource and I have never heard of it! We all have students that would benefit from this. I am loving all the ideas that I am reading about today!! Thank you so much for linking up:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. So cool! How empowering for your student!

    I've dipped my toes into Evernote, but still have a lot to learn. It's not completely intuitive to me, so I think I'll be spending some time learning its ins and outs over the summer.

  4. Just a follow-up: During writer's workshop the next day I stopped by this student's desk, not really to conference but just to check in. He immediately showed me his work and asked if I was going to record him again. Of course, I did!