Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mentor Mob!

I wasn't planning to post tonight-too tired from a long day of STAAR testing and preparing ANOTHER day of sub plans- but I had to share my experience with MentorMob.

In my last post (here) I shared the playlist I created to use with our fairy tale unit.  The day after I created it I got an email from Erin at MentorMob welcoming me and saying  "As your personal MM Support Team, I'm here to answer questions, help fix issues, and listen to your feedback. What do you think of our playlist platform so far?" 

I emailed Erin to tell her how easy MentorMob was to use but I also mentioned that when I got to school I tried my playlist only to remember that YouTube is blocked on student computers so the first step of my playlist wouldn't work.  I sent Erin a reply and mentioned this problem.  She emailed me back today, and said that this is a common problem, and although she didn't have a solution, she suggested several other sources for videos.  (I wasn't able to find what I needed for this playlist, but I saw a lot of videos that will be useful for future projects.)

I am just so impressed that she took the time to personally welcome me and then respond to my question so quickly!  Thanks for the support, Erin!

Note:  I finally found a way to use the video from YouTube but I'm not sure I could ever do it again!  I downloaded it using a website called KeepVid, added it to a VoiceThread and then put a link to the VoiceThread into the playlist.  I probably could have recorded my own video easier than going through all that!)

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