Sunday, April 28, 2013

Too Soon for End-of-Year Panic Mode?

I was just looking at the calendar trying to make some summer plans when I suddenly realized that there are only 27 more days of school!  How can that be?  Although I can't deny that I am looking forward to summer vacation, I'm also a bit sad and panicked about this school year ending.  Sad because I have really enjoyed this group of first graders, and panicked because there are so many things I would still like to do! (And many things I HAVE to do!)
There are still a lot of technology tools and ideas I would like to explore.  Almost every day I read about something new to try.  (I love Twitter!) I just purchased Kathy Cassidy's book Connected From the Start and am even more fired up about trying new things with my class.  I discovered Kathy when I was researching blogging with primary students. It was so inspiring to hear about someone who was using blogging, digital portfolios and other tools with young students. I purchased the book as an e-book, which is fabulous because it is full of links and examples of her students' digital work. This book is a fantastic resource for those of us who want to use more technology with our little digital natives.  After  reading the first couple of chapters I find myself wanting to try Skyping with my class.  Too much technology, too little time!
Using Kidblog in the computer lab

Then there are resources and activities that I have done in the past, but haven't used yet this year.  This week I stumbled across my Marcy Cook Number Tile Cards.  How could I have forgotten about these wonderful activities?  I included them in my math tubs on Friday and my kids had a blast.  I loved when one little guy told me "It was challenging but I got them all!"  If you are not familiar with Marcy's tile activities, check them out here:

Here's some of my friends enjoying math tubs on Friday.
Pattern block animals

Number Tile Task Cards

Close up of a partially completed task card.
This is a big week for the first graders at my school.  Our annual Reading Restaurant is Friday, and I can't wait!  We still have a lot to do to prepare our "Mother Earth Cafe" but it's going to be loads of fun.  I'll try to post some of our projects as we complete them.
Have a fantastic week!

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