Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It! July 7

I finally have something to share for Tara's Monday Made It!
Ten frames are such an important math tool for first grade.  According to John Van de Walle (Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics) students must be able to relate a given number to other numbers especially the anchor numbers of 5 and 10. He says that ten frames are "the most common and perhaps most important model for this relationship."  In addition to ten frame mats and counters, I like to give my students the opportunity to explore 10 using a variety of materials.  Last fall I used these ice cube trays and eye balls from the dollar store, and the kids loved them! (Unfortunately I ended up in the hospital the week before Halloween so I don't have any pictures of my class using them.  This picture is from Cara at The First Grade Parade via Pinterest.)
I love Pinterest!
OK, back to my "Made It!" On one of my many trips to the dollar store, I picked up some little plastic shot glasses. I didn't really have a plan for them, but when I saw this pin, I knew what I had to make!
Here's how mine turned out!  (I want to make more but I ran out of the zebra duct tape.  I guess I'll have to make a Target run!) I made mine a little larger than the original source- about 4 by 10.  One sheet of black foam board should make 20.
I'll probably use pom-poms or mini-erasers as manipulatives, but anything would work.

Next on  my list- frames for objectives/I can statements.  I've been searching Pinterest and I have quite a few ideas. Hopefully I'll have them done by next Monday!

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