Thursday, July 3, 2014

Guided Math 2014: Chapter 6

Primary Gal's Guided Math book study is discussing Chapter 6 today.  I blogged about this chapter last summer here and here, but as my math workshop is constantly evolving, I want to talk about it again.  I created this presentation last spring to share how I organized my math workshop.  (Although I am already planning on tweaking it a bit for the upcoming year due to some schedule changes and new information from a workshop I attended last month!)
This was my first time to create a presentation using Google drive.  I liked it even though it didn't have all of the elements of Powerpoint.  Another first for me is using to embed a presentation.  I love technology!

The changes I am planning for next year include adopting a rotation schedule for a 2 week period instead of weekly, identifying the tubs specifically as skill work, fluency and problem solving, and changing the rotation wheel to match the new tub titles. Look for more information on the new rotation schedule in the next few weeks!
Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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