Friday, July 13, 2012

Wednesday at Confratute

Technology was the name of the game for me on Wednesday!  Confratute is set up so you can attend 3 strands every day during the week and then there are forums in the evening.  All week I have been attending a fabulous math strand with Rachel McAnallen ( I'll share this in a separate blog post later!) and another session called "Technology Unplugged" with Brian Housand.  Wednesday I also stayed for a second session with Brian AND attended an evening forum discussing educational apps for the IPad.  Now I want an Ipad more than ever and REALLY want some for my classroom.  I guess it's time to try writing a grant proposal!
Anyway, there are so many ideas running through my head right now, I'm having trouble keeping everything straight.  I know I want to do a class blog/website this year, but what to use?  Weebly? Kidblog? ClassBlogmeister? Google Sites?
Can anyone recommend a 12 step program for technology addicts?

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