Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Freebie

Dice are some of my very favorite math manipulatives.  Give a student a couple of dice and a recording sheet and you have a work station.  I love discovering new types of dice besides the standard dot cubes.  Here are some I acquired this summer after attending Rachel McAnallen's session at Confratute.
I love the decahedron dice because they allow us to work with larger numbers.  Here is an updated version of a game I posted earlier.  This version uses the decahedron dice to  practice addition with sums to 18.  I saw some game boards similar to the original version last summer when I was following the book study of Math Work Stations.  I wish I could remember who created the originals so I could give them credit but I was not good about bookmarking and could not find them again this summer.  If you know whose idea this type of game board was, please let me know!
Anyway, my 2 game boards go along with our first grade team's Wizard of Oz theme for the coming year. (Click the caption below the picture to access both game boards.)  The  board I previously posted uses regular dice with either pips ( love that word!) or numerals 1-6.  The second uses either the decahedron dice-in-dice or 2 decahedron dice.  Having the same game board with different numbers will help with differentiating the activities in the stations which is one of my goals this year.  I'm working on some ideas using the multiples of ten dice pictured above as well.  Hope to have them posted soon!

If your are worried about flying dice or noise level, I use fun foam mats as workmats for stations which helps keep down the noise of rolling dice and helps to prevent dice from flying all over the room.  Rachel had us use small styrofoam plates at her workshop, and Pinterest is full of ideas for dice containers.  You can also find foam dice.
Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. My class theme is going to be Wizard of Oz this year too-how perfect! Thank you for sharing these.


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to have some more Wizard of Oz activities posted in the next few days.