Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Night Before School Starts

'Twas the night before school starts 
And the teacher can't sleep
Hoping there are no first day disasters
And children who weep!

My dad used to tell us about how my grandmother gave them "sleeping pills,", aka Good and Plenty candies, on Christmas Eve.  I may need to go buy a box so I can sleep tonight.  I've made a list and checked it twice two hundred times.  The playdough is ready, the activities are laid out on my table, and I've got a stack of books to read as tall as a first grader.  I met most of my new first graders at Meet and Greet, and they are absolutely adorable, even the one who bounced around my room like a ping pong ball!  I've identified the potential criers, (both first graders and parents!) and am prepared to comfort the students and gently push the mommies out the door!  My clothes, although not the size 10 I wish for,  are ironed and ready to put on, and I don't think they look too "grandmotherly."  (For the past 2 years during the first few days of school I have been told I look/smell/sound like someone's grandma!)

So why am I so nervous?  Because I know that these next few days will have a tremendous impact on the rest of the year.  Because I have been given this awesome responsibility to influence 22 little people and teach them as much as I can.  Because after 30 years, I know what lies ahead, and after 30 years, I know that there will still be a lot of surprises coming my way!

Now it's time to check my list once more, set my alarm for 4:30 and eat a box of Good & Plenty candy!
Have a wonderful school year everyone!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I've been with students for eight days, but still think some "sleeping pills" might be a good idea.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family


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