Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

I went in to school for the first time today.  This is what awaited me:

This is how I left it 2 hours later:

It may have looked better before I started!  Because I moved into a new room, I had a hard time finding some things.  Never did find my stapler!

I am so excited about having a mounted Smart board this year.  The mobile board and cart with computer, projector and document camera took up so much space.  I was worried about the new position of the computer table at the front of the room.  They redid all of our wiring and that was the non-negotiable location for the computers.  But now that I've seen it, I think I can live with it.  It does leave a partially obstructed bulletin board to deal with.  Any suggestions?
Notice the Sonic drink- an absolute essential for back-to-school!

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