Monday, June 3, 2013

June Currently and Get Your Math On!

It's June!!! 4 more days of school- 2 and a half with students.  Even though this has been one of the best years ever and I love my sweet little class, I am ready for summer!  I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade to share my June Currently.

Listening:  I have no idea WHY, but my husband bought a Native American flute and has been practicing or watching YouTube videos on how to play it.  I love the man dearly, but he's driving me crazy!

Loving:  I found out this week that our wonderful PTA is providing the funds for me to go back to Confratute  at UConn in July! Confratute is a  gifted and differentiated instruction conference hosted by Joe Renzulli and Sally Reis Last summer was amazing and I am SO excited to be going back.  Here's a link to a one of my posts about Confratute last year.

Thinking:  Before I can really relax and enjoy my summer, I have to have a nuclear stress test next week.  Although my blood pressure is fine now with the medication, my cardiologist still wants to check things out.  I have a leaky valve that he thinks will eventually need repaired.  I do not want to find out I need another heart surgery!  I'm trying to not stress about it, but it's hard not to.

Wanting:  These last few weeks of school have wiped me out!  I know I need to exercise more, but I have been way too tired.  But I got my bike out and am ready to start taking morning rides.  I also thought about trying some pool exercises instead of just floating around on my lounge float!

Needing:  I think housecleaning was on my last Currently!  Needless to say, not much has been done since then!  Time now for heavy duty cleaning, closet reorganization and maybe some of those decorating ideas I've been pinning!  (I love Pinterest!)

Vacation:  If I have a good book and a iced coffee, cold beer or margarita, I'm happy in my own backyard.  But I really want to get away from Texas for awhile.  Colorado is on the agenda for the last week of June, and I can't wait!  Then I can read and have my drink while viewing the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

Upcoming:  I am super excited about hosting a chapter for Brenda and Beth's (Primary Inspired and Thinking of Teaching) book study of Building Mathematical Comprehension by Laney Sammons.  Get a copy of the book and join us!

 Click here for the schedule!


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  1. I am so glad I found your blog through this linky. One of my goals is to reread and really take in what I learn from Laney's book. I teach 4th grade, but I would love to be a part of the discussion on the book.

    Foreman Teaches

    1. I am really looking forward to the book study. I started the book and so far it is fabulous! I'm excited to be hosting a chapter!

  2. I hope your stress test goes well. I think floating in the pool sounds fabulous! Ahh...
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

    1. Thank you! The thought of floating in the pool is what is getting me through these last few days!

  3. Hopefully you got to do some floating in the pool before your stress test - nothing like a bit of sun on your skin to help with relaxation.

    I popped over to visit from the linky. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!