Saturday, May 9, 2015

Summer Reading 2015

I love to read!  I still remember the thrill of finding my first chapter book in my Easter basket when I was about 6 and being mesmerized by how many pages there were.  I carried a book (or books!) everywhere I went.  An uncle once remarked that he wasn't sure what I looked like since I always had my nose in a book!
This is a replica of my first chapter book!

Nothing makes me happier than having a stack of new books waiting to be read.  Of course, more often than not these days, the stack is a digital one on my Kindle, but I always have at least one book "in the wings" waiting to be read.  I don't read as much during the school year as I would like.  When I read, the rest of the world sort of disappears, so I have to be careful or nothing else gets done!

So I really look forward to vacations and summer when I have plenty of time to read. I've started working on my summer reading collection and already have some great professional books lined up!

One of my goals for next year is to have a more student-centered, project based classroom so I've chosen some titles to get me started.
I've already read a bit of this one; so inspiring!

Look for a book study on Twitter this summer! #1stchat

My wonderful principal just ordered this one to help me get started with PBL!

First grade teachers can never have enough strategies to help students become better readers so I have pre-ordered this book by Jennifer Servallo.

And because summer is all about fun, I have some fiction waiting, too!

I'm always looking for great books to add to my list, so if you have a recommendation, please comment and let me know!
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