Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Think Math

I am just loving our Think Math activity!  Here are some of the stories my class has created this week.

A Star Wars fan?

I love that these last two examples show partial number lines.  I just briefly demonstrated using an open-type number line yesterday and showed how they could just include the numbers they needed without showing every number.  Apparently they DO listen to me from time to time!

One of the few students who chose subtraction.  She's one of my ESL friends; notice sell instead of buy.

Their stories can also show me students who may need some reteaching.  This friend arrived at the correct answer, but showed a 10 frame that is not a 10 frame.

This story just made me smile!  Almost everyone else stuck with the leprechaun/St. Patrick's Day theme.

I discovered this weekend that there are some teachers on Twitter who are sharing a similar activity using the hashtag #1stnumbertalks.  I can't wait to get connected to some other first grade classes!

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