Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Math Journals

(Edited on October 21.  Added link for journal label)


Fall Math Journal Prompts - Vol. 1I am just loving math journals this year!  About 3 times a week I give the students a prompt to glue in their journal.  We discuss it and then the children respond to the prompt or solve the problem in their journals using words and pictures.  My favorite prompts are from  Anna Brantley's (Crazy for First Grade) TPT shop.

Here are some examples from my class this year:

Each week I cut the journal strips that we are going to use and store them in this coupon/bill organizer one of my wonderful teammates discovered in the Dollar Spot at Target!  (We also picked up the smaller size that  is perfect for word cards.)
When our guided math groups really get going, I'm going to have the kids bring their journals with them to group so they can add vocabulary or illustrate concepts we've discussed, as well as solve problems during our group time.
The kids love journals; they actually cheered yesterday when I said take out your math journals!
Do you use math journals? How do they work in your class?

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  1. Just wondering where you found the cute label for your math journals..Can you point me in that direction?